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27 Jun 5 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Rid Of Your Blackheads

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Blackheads are THE most common skincare complaint, closely followed by acne and scarring. Blackheads are particularly difficult to manage and require commitment and consistency to keep them at bay.

The ‘black’ appearance of these dark ‘dots’ comes from oxidised dirt and can make your complexion appear dull and devitalised. If you’re struggling to get rid of blackheads and don’t know where to turn next, consider the following:

1. Your moisturiser is too rich for your skin type.

This is all about trial & error but finding a moisturiser or facial oil that is suitable for your skin type is crucial. If your moisturiser is too strong or too thick for your skin types then it’s going to enhance and promote your blackheads. Try an oil-free moisturiser or use a facial oil that has been developed for oily skin. The latter are great for sinking straight into the skin and leave little or no residue. Apply a tiny, tiny amount of your chosen moisturiser and use just the residue left on the fingers to hydrate the area where your blackheads are.

2. Your face wash isn’t strong enough / is too delicate / you don’t use it often enough.

If your face wash isn’t strong enough then it won’t lift the dirt and excess oil from the face. Lots of face washes that have been formulated for sensitive skin aren’t strong enough to breakout through grease and facial sebum to remove dirt and blackheads. Try to use a face wash for oily skin, but one that preferably doesn’t dry the face out. Try your hardest to commit to washing your face twice daily. Once in the morning and once at night. This will keep the skin clean and prevent blackheads from forming.

3. You apply too much of certain products.

If you use a rich moisturiser or facial oil to moisturise then it is of paramount importance that you apply the correct amount. Less is more here so apply it a little at a time. Your skin will only absorb so much of the product, and the rest? Well that sits on the surface and clogs the pores meaning your blackhead problem is being further enhanced.

4. You have dilated pores and don’t address the problem.

If your pores are exposed and appear to be open/dilated you need to use a pore minimiser. There are mixed views on these types of products as lots of them use silicones to simply fill the void and reduce the appearance of the pore rather than actually helping to close it up. In my opinion, the silicones will help to protect the pores from becoming exposed to dirt, and when you wash your face they rinse away anyway so there shouldn’t be a problem. Always apply your pore minimiser after washing your face and before applying your moisturiser.

5. Your pillow case is dirty and needs changing more regularly.

You spend 1/3 of your day in bed, some of you spend much more so keep your pillow case clean and change it regularly. Failure to do so creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and leaves you exposed to the risk of breakouts and blackheads. Change your pillow case every 2 – 3 days to prevent your face from falling victim to the habitants of your pillow.

Questions? Leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to reply to as many of you as possible.

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