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28 Apr Wedding Her with Facial Hair

With designer stubble and manicured beards holding a firm position on the style stakes for any modern dandy due to wed, what does the bride-to-be think about wedding day growth?   A recent study carried out by leading shaving brand Gillette (P&G) has revealed that a fluffy mush won't make your female counterpart feel like a princess on her special day. Research shows that 65% of women would rather their groom take the time out to crop his growth before donning his morning suit. The wedding day for her is all about feeling like a princess, and when you hear the words "you may now kiss the bride" a grizzly approach simply won't suffice.   With this in mind, here's our 5 steps to success when it comes to barbering your beard before the big day:   Shave that morning: if you have a heavy growth, shaving the night before won't cut the cloth, by dusk your 5 o'clock shadow will have already adorned.   Shave after showering: Male grooming expert and the brains behind Nicky Clarkes brand new Grooming Vault, Kelly Simpkin (featured right), advises shaving after showering. "The benefits of hot water softening the growth and dilating the pores will increase your blades' effectiveness."   Use a sharp blade: a decent blade doesn't come cheap, but for your pre-wedding shave invest in a new cartridge to ensure an irritation-free, close cut.   Use a good oil: non-drying and intensely moisturising, shaving oils are the modern day fundamental to any successful shave.   Don't wash your face afterwards: Removing the goodness offered by your shave oil defeats the object of using it. Simply splash gently with cold water to close the pores and leave the oil residue behind to work its magic.  
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