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04 Nov Amazon’s Kindle

The common problem for people who own a library of books is space.  Do you get rid of some or stop collecting them altogether? One option is to go digital. It has been said that print is a dying trade and I for one, tend to agree. With today's technologies and wireless networks you don't need to own a printed book to read it. E-books are the way forward. One of the most popular for reading electronic books is Amazon's Kindle.

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04 Nov iPad Covers

If your'e planning to have, or are already fortunate enough to have the Apple iPad then this is a must have.  Because of the iPad's large display screen and the fact that it's so slim this makes it a rather fragile piece of kit.  We've put together the most stylish iPad protectors and covers available out there.  Caution, order in plenty of time for christmas. demand is huge!

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30 Oct NuBo Launch Cell Dynamic Bio-Electric Buff

"Inspired by performance, speed and luxury, NuBo introduces Cell Dynamic Bio-Electric Buff, a revolutionary new facial scrub that not only polishes the skin but boosts the natural bio-electric currrent by energising the skin cells with Magnetite dust. Magnetite is renowned for being a strong stone with magnetic forces and a mystique evoking wealth, success and desire."
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28 Oct La Prairie’s White Caviar Illuminating Serum Review

La Prairie is one of the most expensive collections on the market at present. I'm a huge fan of La Prairie's Marine Biology Skin Tonic, however, I am yet to be impressed by anything else in the collection. I'm not afraid to share my position on the brand, that being, I do believe La Prairie is Grossly overpriced. Results do vary, so if you beg to differ please leave a comment below.

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