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22 Oct Get the Look – Geek Chic: The Glasses

As we've already mentioned, Geek Chic is back with a blast. This studious, retro like image is a great concept to take on board. The seriousness of the situation is highlighted by the availability in most high st. collections and the celebrity endorsement. And, what better time than now to show you how it's done? The Social Network is topping the box office, brace yourself for a surge in Geek-Chic demand.
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21 Oct *Closed* WIN: Otis Batterbee’s Luxury Gift Set

These Otis Batterbee luxury gift sets are combinations of best loved styles, included in each set is a lavender filled travel eye mask, medium and small classic envelope wash bag and a bottle of our 'To Sleep' travel spray. These classic pieces have been inspired by the great British fabrics found on Savile Row, each of our sets would appeal to any modern day dandy or frequent traveller.

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21 Oct Battersea Banquet for 150 Years of Service

I think we can all agree that the attendance to a red carpet event is one that is completely unrivalled in terms of sophistication and glamour. The champaign, the reception, the attire, the footmen, the dog collars....Yes gents, this is an event that does need an open mind. Unfortunately lads, put your imagination back in its place as Battersea Dog's and Cat's home will be celebrating their 150th anniversary with a night of glitz and glamour to commemorate the effort that goes into the rescuing, maintaining and re-homing of thousands of stray animals every year. Hosted by TV presenter Amanda Holden, the night will start with a glittering reception, and performances from some of music's top performers, including Alexandra Burke and The Who's Roger Daltry.
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21 Oct Otis Batterbee Bring Bags of Christmas Joy

For quite a lot of you, the Christmas period will be just as much filled with the stresses of arranging, and indeed partaking, in gruelling long-distance travel just as much as the joy of giving and receiving gifts to and from the people you love in your life. Whether cross-country or, in fact, across countries, this is a time where your decorated abode that you have been slaving away at since the December 4th can't always play the backdrop to your memories over Christmas. There is a silver lining however, as the door is left open for the perfect travel companion, and to fulfil this need, we are forwarding Otis Batterbee to your attention. Otis Batterbee London have been producing luxury accessories for men for just under two years, and since their launch, cult status within the fashion community has been stapled down, which can be no surprise as quality offerings rarely go unnoticed. The new Waxed Grand Tour wash bag is the latest creation from Batterbee, and as a completely dedicated supporter of classic British style, the collection encapsulates his own sense of pride for our island's fashion heritage. The bags use super durable wax canvas that has been produced by a British mill that has outlived any prospective consumer by a very long shot, as since 1880, the mill has been in full working order, and through this particular material, its value seems to only heighten with age. Also, as we all know that to indulge yourself fully in sleep when not in your own bed is a difficult challenge, why don't you team up the Grand Tour bag with one of Batterbee's lavender filled eye masks. Coming in an array of sophisticated designs and patterns, the masks encapsulate the travel life of a modern man, as well as helping you with your excursions along the way. As the title has it, the masks hold within them a lavender aroma, which as you can imagine, can lure any man into a deep sleep no matter who's bed it is. This season, why not indulge in a collection worth investing in. After all, the sound of jingle bells shouldn't drown out your own needs, not even for a chyme.
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