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13 Oct Dating: 8 Things Not to do

The red alarm is blaring gents, so get to the bat-pole and follow these instructions

It seems that the Qur'an for the opposition has stated a list of things that their followers should look for in search for commitment. Now, it seems these signs are quite vague and can be easily fulfilled by a gent on a night of boredom in the town, or even a little bit of lethargy on the dating scene as all you want to do is play FIFA 11.

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13 Oct A Day in the Salon with Daniel Galvin Jnr

Just three months ago, Stylist to the stars, Daniel Galvin Jnr, opened his brand new Colour Clinic in Belgravia. After a two year break between working with his father, Daniel has decided to go it alone and put his reputation in his own hands. Sartorial Male got an invite to sample some 'Galvin Style Hospitality', the best dressed men need the best hair cut so we couldn't say no to this one! Here's what we thought.

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13 Oct Karin Herzog Review

Oxygen is a fundamental for every walk of life. We all associate the 'Gas' with health, rejuvenation and growth. Plants use the gas to photosynthesise, creating food and enabling healthy growth. Well, let's not get too Charlie Dimmock about this, the point I'm making is, if plants use it to live grow and basically 'be', there is obviously hidden properties that your skin can benefit from too.
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13 Oct Adidas Launch 3 Stripe with David Beckham

Adidas proudly presents 3 Stripe, an exciting new lifestyle range for men. Featuring the iconic adidas 3 stripes, this versatile collection is available in an assortment of colours featuring vibrant brights to make you stand out from the crowd to more muted tones for a classic, casual look. Available from October 2010, 3 Stripe is the wardrobe staple for comfort clothing that makes a style statement.

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13 Oct Does Body Max+ Really Work?

During winter months we crave comfort food, (personally speaking, but if I blame you too it makes me feel better). Stodgy fodder, generally speaking, means disguised sugars which are destined for your ab's. Sugar which is left un-utilised by the body will eventually be stored as fat, hence the common phrase, "Winter Spread."Getting yourself back into shape can sometimes be a lengthy, laborious process, and hunger often manages to get the better of the best of us! Marks & Spencer have introduced a revolutionary product designed to mask the contour of your blubber whilst you work at getting shut of it. BODYMAX+, which is exclusive to M&S, has been engineered and ergonomically designed to support your body and muscles. This clever piece of kit targets problem areas like the waist, chest and stomach via tight ribbed panelling, which can help aid your posture and instantly chop up-to 2 inches from your waist and 1.5 inches from your chest, the difference between a large and a medium! BODYMAX+ is designed to be worn comfortably underneath your everyday gear, supporting and streamlining the whole torso, whilst providing maximum compression for a super sleek, ultra smooth look.
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13 Oct Hackett Joins Forces with Globetrotter

The exciting partnership of two iconic British brands is set to see the launch of a range of beautifully hand crafted luggage for Autumn/Winter 2010 inspired by the Hackett brand’s AW10 collections, reinforcing its reputation as a menswear label that seamlessly fuses tradition and modernity. Hackett always gets top marks from me for wonderful collections and seamless quality, the collaboration between these two spectacular brands justifies their following and emphasises their innovative edge.
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13 Oct Bespoke Hits the High Street

Nothing quite compares to sporting clothing made exactly to fit your figure. The Bespoke clothing market is platformed on the best craftmanship around, placing not only names, but Streets on the map. The bespoke market has become somewhat of a luxury in present day, hiked price points and good quality ready to wear have all played apart in the demise of the market. Back in the day, Retailers such as Brooks Brothers would measure you up for your first bespoke creation at a tender young age, monitoring your growth and adjusting your clothing accordingly, thus, retaining customers for literally a life time. Sadly this protocol has been knocked off the stage by good quality, off the peg tailoring being readily availble and afordable to the masses on the high st.

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