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13 Oct Cinnamon Club – London

A short walk from some of London's most famous and prominent landmarks including Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, the Old Westminster Library was first opened to the public in 1893 and was carefully converted into The Cinnamon Club over a century later in 2001.The venue boasts the most hospitable atmosphere, approaching each and every guest in sovereign conduct. This remarkable eatery should have Michelin Stars dripping out of every orifice, and would be worthy of every last one. Vivek Singh, Executive Chef, has fused classic Indian cuisine with modernity and created a truly stupendous asian dining experience. The Club consists of the Main Dining Room, Private Dining Room, Mezzanine, Cinnamon Club Bar and Library Bar. So whether you are looking for the perfect Indian food or an elegant watering hole, the club has the capacity to satisfy both.The Mezzanine, suspended over the Main Dining Room, is perfect for Gastronomic Receptions and Corporate Entertaining, whilst the Private Dining Room is suitable for more intimate, formal occasions nevertheless, still embracing the restaurants semantic asian atmosphere.A wine inventory, suitable to tackle any wine aficionado and Sommelier, Jacques on hand to offer advice on which wines will best withstand spice. Chilean Syrah from £19.00 to Chateau Latour £3130.00In my opinion, one of Londons Premier Dining Experiences.Bon appetit!

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13 Oct Roof Gardens – Kensington

Nestled away in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, The Roof Gardens in Kensington, part of the Virgin Group's Ltd edition range, hosts a truly astonishing dining experience. The venue fuses nature with dining and has created the most relaxing spa esq. environment fronting serenity! A haven from the flurry of Central London, The Roof Gardens is a celebration of relaxation whilst in-keeping with Central London's air of convenience.

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13 Oct Battling the Skinny Jean Eating Disorders

Over the last decade, male fashion has changed significantly, and it is this transition that could be blamed for the rapidly increasing number of Males suffering from eating disorders. I think we can all agree that a short stop to any High-Street fragrance store can really effect a man's confidence, as the boxes are lined up with unrealistic handsome and toned men emblazoned on the front.

We look and wonder 'what if' for a moment, before the complex leaves us. But now the problem is imploding at a ridiculous rate to the public majority, and it's leaving a lot of males with concerning health issues.

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12 Oct Blauer Debuts at Harvey Nichols

It has been a long time coming for Blauer, sixty years to be exact, but its here now and we won't begrudge them on their time scale. The Italian clothing company have been designing and producing some of the most iconic garments in American Law enforcement history, and now their new line will be available to the British public, exclusively to Harvey Nicholls.

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12 Oct Austin Reed Launch Q-Club

1900, as you will all obviously remember, was very much a year to savour for the Brits. Winston Churchill is elected to parliament for the first time, the second conflict of the Boer Wars began between the British empire and the Dutch-speaking Boer inhabitants of South Africa, and one of the countries leading fashion labels begins its legacy.

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