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29 Jan Keeping Her Sweet – Valentine’s Gift Guide

Come on chaps, Valentine's day catches the best of us out. It all seems like commercial cultivation to us but, to our female counterparts it's serious give me attention and presents day, take me out for dinner day, buy me champagne or you'll see my less agreeable side day (you know, the one you see more often than not!). Anyhow, to help steer you through February 14th successfully we've teamed up with our good friends at popular female magazine Fashion & Beauty HQ to see what's happening in the pink world. Here's what they recommend for the special lady.

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27 Jan Boots are Made For Working!

Every dandy chap needs a pukka pair of boots. Versatility being there number one selling point, your boots will carry you from the building site to the bar; seamlessly! CAT have been industry leaders in manufacturing boots for the workwear market. Due to the major success of the brand, they have become iconic in both the fashion and performance side of 'booting' and now consider themselves as leaders in the world of cutting edge footwear.
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26 Jan Bulldog Face Scrub Review

A good face scrub is quite possibly the most important part of your skin care regime. A good scrub (or exfoliant) will not only remove dead skin to reveal a brighter complexion, it is solely responsible for preventing ingrown hairs. How, I here you ask. Well, when the hairs start to grow, some get trapped under dead skin cells and, hair following in your footsteps,  finds the path of least resistance. This often means the hair grows beneath the surface of the skin causing irritation and unsightly breakouts.

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25 Jan Ski In Style: Obergurgl, Austria

Internationally renowned as a winter sports resort, Obergurgl,  twinned with Hochgurgl (next village) has long been recognised as one of the more select resorts in the Austrian Tyrol region.  Obergurgl-Hochgurgl has introduced reduced-traffic zones  to ensure it's guests a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and provide the townsfolk with enhanced living conditions.

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25 Jan Chic Geek: Glasses

The rise of social media has promoted the classroom geek to playground chic. The educated appearance of the unpopular, quiet cornered soul has become a craze with celebs and designers alike. This spring sees an extension to the Geek Chic look with some amazing glasses to frame your face.
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25 Jan Keeping It Up For The Ladies

January 27th sees Sartorial Male open it's doors to image conscious, beauty junkie females in the form of brand new female eMagazine, fashionandbeautyhq.com. So, if the wife is looking a little lax or your valentines gift search is struggling, log on to Fashion & Beauty...

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