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12 Jan Eden Park Spring / Summer 11

As you can probably imagine, over here we do get quite an insight into the future collections that look to shape the coming months, and sometimes even years. Back in AW10, we were hearing whispers of brands and designers taking a risky excursion to a much more 'breezy on the knees' way of thinking. This coming SS11 season seems to be very short-heavy indeed, with collaborations including full suits and bow ties to a garment that, in a usual place, would only be coupled with a shirt at its most adventurous. Eden Park, a brand firmly rooted in sartorial supremacy, have, thankfully, reinstalled a little bit of confidence in this new trend with a season look-book that exemplifies just why we are constantly baffled at it's self-admitted lack of a thriving British market. Holding it's most successful home across the channel, Eden Park has been a brand of high recognition for over 20 years, as its Rugby-inspired original styles have been embraced throughout the globe, from Bordeaux to the Bahamas. Throughout their upcoming collection, Eden Park have placed specific importance on how to correspond the trend for shorts between an outfit that is not just a novelty piece that can only be work at the catwalk show. As the company have also been full supporters of live sport for many years, including attaining themselves as official dressers of the Sky Sports News team who present the Magazine show 'The Rugby Club', maybe we will be seeing the chaps banter the weeks action behind a desk for SS11, instead of around a glass table, as I am pretty sure the Sky Sports remit does not allow legs on show. Well, not the fellas anyway. So while Stuart Barnes and the crew decide on whether to argue with Rupert Murdoch over a change in direction, have a look at a few pieces from the Eden Park SS11 collection
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