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13 Oct Hackett Joins Forces with Globetrotter

The exciting partnership of two iconic British brands is set to see the launch of a range of beautifully hand crafted luggage for Autumn/Winter 2010 inspired by the Hackett brand’s AW10 collections, reinforcing its reputation as a menswear label that seamlessly fuses tradition and modernity. Hackett always gets top marks from me for wonderful collections and seamless quality, the collaboration between these two spectacular brands justifies their following and emphasises their innovative edge.
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13 Oct Roof Gardens – Kensington

Nestled away in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, The Roof Gardens in Kensington, part of the Virgin Group's Ltd edition range, hosts a truly astonishing dining experience. The venue fuses nature with dining and has created the most relaxing spa esq. environment fronting serenity! A haven from the flurry of Central London, The Roof Gardens is a celebration of relaxation whilst in-keeping with Central London's air of convenience.

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13 Oct Battling the Skinny Jean Eating Disorders

Over the last decade, male fashion has changed significantly, and it is this transition that could be blamed for the rapidly increasing number of Males suffering from eating disorders. I think we can all agree that a short stop to any High-Street fragrance store can really effect a man's confidence, as the boxes are lined up with unrealistic handsome and toned men emblazoned on the front.

We look and wonder 'what if' for a moment, before the complex leaves us. But now the problem is imploding at a ridiculous rate to the public majority, and it's leaving a lot of males with concerning health issues.

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