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11 Feb A Chance to Get Over the Valentines Jitters

They always say that the best nights are the unplanned nights. You know, the ones where you will be sitting at home, eating some form of carbs, flicking through the channels. You have nothing planned for this night, other than maybe a solely-drank beer, a giggle to yourself to some stand-up comedy (which you really can't move for on TV these days) and maybe a pre-bed 'treat' for yourself, if that was your want. You flick over a music channel, which has your favourite video on, and you begin to feel that buzz of wanting to go out. You text your friends, jump in the shower, and soon enough, this night that was meant to be solemn has turned into a wondrous dance-filled evening of epic proportion. Planned nights are fine, but there is added pressure to enjoy yourself.
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