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20 Mar GET THE LOOK: Spring Tailoring

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Look sharp this spring in slim fit, dark tailored formalwear. Perfect for the metropolitan man who goes straight from desk to bar.


The Look

Dark navy, black and deep grey fitted jackets with single pleat, narrow leg trousers. Pocket Chief to match the colour of the shirt; never match to the colour of the tie.

The Shoes

Round toe, narrow loafers; never slip on, always lace-up.

The Tie


Standard width ties, historically, have been 2.5 inches wide. Present day neckwear will now generally retail in a maximum width of 2 inches, with 1.5 inch width being the most popular.


The Advice

Slim guys have carte blanche here. Don’t get too concerned with the logistics of the look, focus on the colours and your posture.

Fuller figure? Try black tailoring and avoid grey at all times. Keep your jacket fastened where possible to maintain a consistent silhouette and ensure it fits properly. Wear a pocket chief which matches the colour of your shirt to draw attention up.


Words; Steven O’Neill
Collection: Gucci, Herring Shoes, Paul Smith Footwear, Brooks Brothers, Burberry
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