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22 Mar Grooming on a budget

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Trawling the aisles of your local supermarket may not be as satisfying as visiting your favourite department store, but with recession repair just peeping over the horizon, it’s time to address your mal-nourished bank balance with some budget beating grooming goods! Now, as the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” quality comes hand in hand with expense. But if decadent marketing and celebrity endorsements don’t mean all that much to you, try placing value for money at the ticker of your operation and try some of the best budget busting grooming products.

wingman wipesFirst up – Wingman Wipes
These easy to carry hygienic wipes for men are perfect for those with a hectic lifestyle and coming in at just £3.85 for 8 they really won’t break the bank.
This 100ml super-concentrated shave cream can offer up to 165 shaves making the cost per shave less than 10p each time. Impressive. £9.65
Third – RazorPit
Cut back on the cost of expensive razor cartridge with RzorPit, a state of the art razor sharpening gadget. A very worthy investment at £19.95
Keep your skin soft, supple and super hydrated with Nickel Super Speed Moisturiser. Just £19.95 / 50ml
Polish your complete regime to a gleaming shine with Korres Jamine, Pepper & Gaiac Wood Fragrance. Incredible scent, amazing value. £23.95
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