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verso foaming cleanser

08 Oct Verso Foaming Cleanser Review

Foaming cleansers aren't my kinda thing per se, but recently Verso changed that. I always associated foaming cleansers with leaving the skin dry and tight post-use but I think this was due to the detergents and foaming agents used in the older formulas. I first came across...

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13 Oct Karin Herzog Review

Oxygen is a fundamental for every walk of life. We all associate the 'Gas' with health, rejuvenation and growth. Plants use the gas to photosynthesise, creating food and enabling healthy growth. Well, let's not get too Charlie Dimmock about this, the point I'm making is, if plants use it to live grow and basically 'be', there is obviously hidden properties that your skin can benefit from too.
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12 Oct Dermalogica – Special Cleansing Gel

A good face wash removes dirt, cleanses the skin, breaks down excess oils and allows the skin to retain its moisture throughout the whole process. Cleansing morning and night with a good face wash will help keep the face free of breakouts and blackheads. Facial cleansers are 'ten-a-penny' these days. Competition and choice has left the consumer totally confused.
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