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12 Oct KY Jelly for Problem Skin

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KY Jelly may already feature in your bathroom cabinet, or maybe in your bedside drawer. Whatever you may have used this lubricant for in the past isn’t relevant, I’m going to talk you through how this widely used sexual lubricant can help to combat spots and help moisturise dry skin.

Here’s what the brand have to say about the formula:

“K-Y Brand Jelly was the first personal lubricant created in 1919.  It replaces personal moisture in a way that feels natural and helps enhance intimacy.  K-Y Brand Jelly is the #1 doctor recommended personal lubricant and can be used every day.  This non-greasy formula rinses off easily for a pleasant experience.”

No mention of using the formula on your face there, however, it’s a well known fact amongst dermatologists that KY-Jelly can help to provide significant hydration to dry skin and help to reduce breakouts.

Easily irritated, acne prone skin is nutured back into form using the the simple compound, gently massaged into the face, KY will help to calm ance and moisturise the face. Use a small amount, warm between the hands and slap it on! Try it out, if it doesn’t work for your face, I’m sure you’ll find other uses for it.

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