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Versace Eros

04 Jan Versace Launch EROS

[caption id="attachment_5864" align="aligncenter" width="551"] Eros by Versace[/caption] Versace have long been associated with not only couture clothing but luxury male fragrances. The scents are designed to be worn in conjunction with charisma, sophistication and masculinity. EROS is latest addition to the Versace line-up of male fragrances. Fusing...

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17 May Molton Brown Launches Londinium

Building on the success of their most recent fragrance launches, Molton Brown announce the release of Londinium. Securing 5th place in the 'Navigation Through Scent' line-up, Londinium is a reverence of the great city that is London. From the lining of Savile Row tailored suits,...

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25 Oct Molton Brown – Rogart

Navigation through scent is Molton Brown's latest investment into the ever 'complex-ing' world of fragrances. The MB team have enlisted the assistance of some of the finest noses that walk the land, and given them experiences to re-create through scent. Pretty tough, I know, but...

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