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Male grooming is the fastest growing area of the cosmetic world. Men are becoming increasingly concerned with the state of their appearance and the overall health of their skin. To assist in man's quest for a dapper exposé, we try and test the very latest offerings and share our thoughts with you right here totally free from hype and over-zealous claims. We pride ourselves on delivering completely honest reviews and information so rest assured that the guidance you read is exactly what we believe. Contact Us
sachajuan thickening shampoo

30 May Hair Thickening with Sachajuan

Hair loss and thinning hair take pride of place, right at the top, of my hair care agenda. Thickening shampoos, treatments and conditioners are available in their hundreds, but finding one that actually works it rather more of a challenge. I've been using Sachajuan (namely Scalp...

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02 Mar Urban by Fudge: Dry Shampoo Review

Washing your hair daily not only dehydrates it, it strips it of its natural protective oils. Now, you may think that your hair is too short to worry about its condition - think again - research has shown that what you do to you hair can influence the health of future growth so take heed! I don't know about you but I'll do anything that helps me keep my locks from falling bald.
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16 Nov An Old Classic….

I believe the key to men's grooming is convenience. If it's too involved, we just don't like using it. I am also a firm believer that our grooming collections should consist of 'aspiring new comers' and old effective classics. "A round of applause please for... Wash & Go." Yes, that's right Wash & Go. A major craze in the early 90's, Wash & Go became slightly less popular towards the end of the decade for reasons unknown. We all need a bit of shampoo and conditioner, why not bring the two together?

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