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SARTORIAL MALE | May 25, 2015

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Tried & Tested: Kyoku Lava Masque

Tried & Tested: Kyoku Lava Masque
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I’ve trawled the shelves of department stores for many years, searching high and low for a decent face mask. One which moisturises, cleanses and leaves pores clean and closed. It’s a tall order, face masks often just smell good and have drying agents which make the user believe that moisture is surging deep into the derma when, in actual fact, it simply evaporates into thin air.

Kyoku for men are one of the new comers to the rapidly expanding grooming market. Japanese infused, the collection has efficiency and performance at heart. We decided to put Kyoku’s Lava Masque under review and see if it lives up-to its claims.

Martin McBrough reviews Kyoku for Men Lava Masque -

Aesthetics put to one side, the collection is definitely one of my favourites. It’s affordable and incredibly effective. I must say, when I first took to the Lava Masque, I struggled to apply it. It’s of an alternative consistency and just didn’t seem to spread. I quickly discovered that a splash of water rapidly solves this minor snag. Once applied the mask it warming and the essential oils invigorating. One thing I loved was the speedy process, literally five minutes and its ready to come off. The Lava Mask dries into a thin paste which is easily removed with a splash of warm water.

One of my skin complaints is dilated pores around the nasal area and on my cheeks. Kyoku’s Lava Masque collected the dirt and closed the pores leaving a great finish. It also helped to remove some blackheads and excess oil. Used twice weekly, it turned my skin around. Marvel!

Kyoku for Men Lava Masque £24/120ml РThe Grooming

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