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Male grooming is the fastest growing area of the cosmetic world. Men are becoming increasingly concerned with the state of their appearance and the overall health of their skin. To assist in man's quest for a dapper exposé, we try and test the very latest offerings and share our thoughts with you right here totally free from hype and over-zealous claims. We pride ourselves on delivering completely honest reviews and information so rest assured that the guidance you read is exactly what we believe. Contact Us

02 Feb WIN: Gillette’s New ProGlide With a Year’s Supply of Blades

To mark the launch of ProGlide, we've teamed up with Gillette to offer one lucky winner the opportunity of the century. We're offering one individual the chance to win Gillette's brand new blade, ProGlide, complete with 1 year's supply of replacement blades, worth almost £200. To be in with a chance of winning, simply use the form below to tell us one thing you couldn't live without. Anything!

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02 Feb Francis Kurkdjian Fragrances

Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian was born in Paris in 1969. From the tender age of 13 he knew that he wanted to develop and create fragrances. Francis shot to fame in the perfume industry at the age of 25 when he developed Le Male for John Paul Gaultier, one of the most successful worldwide fragrances to date.  Francis Kurkdjian has had a string of successes in the industry creating scents for Aqua Di Parma, Christian Dior  and Giorgio Armani to name just a few. In 2009 Francis Kurkdjian launched his own line of fragrances along with a very select range of luxury lifestyle goods; candles, washing liquids for clothes and the likes.

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26 Jan Bulldog Face Scrub Review

A good face scrub is quite possibly the most important part of your skin care regime. A good scrub (or exfoliant) will not only remove dead skin to reveal a brighter complexion, it is solely responsible for preventing ingrown hairs. How, I here you ask. Well, when the hairs start to grow, some get trapped under dead skin cells and, hair following in your footsteps,  finds the path of least resistance. This often means the hair grows beneath the surface of the skin causing irritation and unsightly breakouts.

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