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Male grooming is the fastest growing area of the cosmetic world. Men are becoming increasingly concerned with the state of their appearance and the overall health of their skin. To assist in man's quest for a dapper exposé, we try and test the very latest offerings and share our thoughts with you right here totally free from hype and over-zealous claims. We pride ourselves on delivering completely honest reviews and information so rest assured that the guidance you read is exactly what we believe. Contact Us

13 Dec Review: Nubo’s Perfectionist

Dark circles, thread veins, fine lines.... the list is endless. Adverse skin complaints are something we'd all prefer to cover up. Until recently, the taboo surrounding the use of male make-up has influenced our grooming behaviour. I'm happy to say that this is becoming less and less of a problem and men worldwide are dipping into their counterparts' make-up bags to address common issues.

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06 Dec Razorpit – The Grooming Economist

Shaving is not only an arduous task, it's an expensive one! Disposable razors can be pricey, some coming in at a whopping £12 for just 4 cartridges. Is there a way around this? Well, Razorpit - a brand new sharpening tool, claims to reduce your shaving related expenses by sharpening used blades back to suitable quality and ready for re-use. By simply stroking this silicone strip 3 times with a little shave oil and your used blade, Razorpit brings your cartridge back into form. But does it really work? We decided to put it to the test....

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02 Dec Decleor Aromessence Neroli Review

Chaps, if this stuff is in your better halves toiletries bag, sneak a few drops before bed or whenever she's not looking. Do be careful though, your ploy could easily be blown out of the water by the strong smell of essential oils. Basically, Decleor's Aromessence Neroli is the only consumer product on the market which works below the skin's surface on the lower layer of skin- the dermis. If you're a lazy 'Groomer,' as most guys are, Decleor's Aromessence Neroli may just be your saving grace. Working on the lower level of the skin's make-up, the oil helps to revitalise your complexion from beneath. A great way to slow the rate at which your skin ages is to work as hard as possible to prevent it. Working on the skin which is yet to surface is quite possibly the most effective way to stimulate that youthful veneer we all desire.

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