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Male grooming is the fastest growing area of the cosmetic world. Men are becoming increasingly concerned with the state of their appearance and the overall health of their skin. To assist in man's quest for a dapper exposé, we try and test the very latest offerings and share our thoughts with you right here totally free from hype and over-zealous claims. We pride ourselves on delivering completely honest reviews and information so rest assured that the guidance you read is exactly what we believe. Contact Us

12 Oct Gentlemen’s Tonic Review

The modern man is one who places his appearance high on his agenda and likes to conform to the youthful veneer our tabloid society represents. Grooming can be a mine-field at times, and if you really don't know where to start, unavoidable mistakes will cause unnecessary expense and lead you on a mis-adventure. There is an abundance of products on the market claiming so be the answer to all your prayers, claiming to deliver the results you desire and professing to solve all your grooming nightmares. Do they really work? Well here at Henry's Opinion, we invest huge amounts of time and effort trying & testing male grooming products, breaking through agressive marketing campaigns and alluring aesthetics to see which goods really do what is says on the tin. If you're new to the grooming scene or indeed, struggling to get to grips with the protocol, enlisting the help of a grooming consultant or a grooming therapist can be priceless.

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12 Oct BYB – Below Your Belt

With uber grooming in for men like a raging craze, I think its here to stay, forever! The gap between gender divide is narrowing day by day and I'm a great fan! However, being a man is about being masculine but, we should still have access to the products and tools to groom ourselves to perfection, whether they be male or female orientated. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not recruiting for the "Pretty Boy Army." But I think its imperative to take good care of yourself. My view is, if it works for you use it!

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12 Oct Dermalogica – Special Cleansing Gel

A good face wash removes dirt, cleanses the skin, breaks down excess oils and allows the skin to retain its moisture throughout the whole process. Cleansing morning and night with a good face wash will help keep the face free of breakouts and blackheads. Facial cleansers are 'ten-a-penny' these days. Competition and choice has left the consumer totally confused.
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12 Oct Creed Aventus

In a current climate where an outreach into the world of fragrances will always be on the agenda for any Z-list celebrity, how refreshing it is to realise that the character and charm of this area hasn't completely been eradicated.

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