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sachajuan thickening shampoo

30 May Hair Thickening with Sachajuan

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Hair loss and thinning hair take pride of place, right at the top, of my hair care agenda. Thickening shampoos, treatments and conditioners are available in their hundreds, but finding one that actually works it rather more of a challenge.

I’ve been using Sachajuan (namely Scalp Shampoo and Ocean Mist) since I first discovered the range in Liberty circa 2012 and I can’t recommend the products highly enough.

I’m very loyal to my favourite products so making the switch to something new takes a lot. In late 2016, Sachajuan Thickening Shampoo won ‘best men’s shampoo’ at the annual GQ grooming awards so I thought I’d give it a try. I teamed it up with the Thickening Conditioner for maximum impact.

It important to note that Thickening shampoos subtly thicken the hair, what they don’t do is add new hair- remember that! If it’s new hair you’re after, a toupée or a hair transplant may be more appropriate!

Sachajuan’s Thickening duo (shampoo and conditioner) fulfill just about all of my expectations of any good shampoo and conditioner. Quite literally, the only criticism I could find was when you’re coming to the end of the bottles, the last bit can be tricky to get out, besides that, you’d be hard-pushed to find anything that works better.

Thickening Shampoo leaves the hair and scalp completely clean and free-from build-up caused by styling products. It’s strikes the perfect balance between cleansing and hydrating., It’s inevitable that the ingredients used to remove dirt will remove some of the hair’s natural moisture, but this works better than most shampoos I’ve tried.

The conditioner carries a wonderful scent, I know that’s not necessarily important to everybody but we all judge products with our nose so I thought it was worth a mention. The creamy consistency of the conditioner brings a slight powdery texture with it; it’s really easy to distribute through the hair too which is paramount for a conditioner; if they’re too thick they can be tricky to apply.

Sachajuan score top marks in the Thickening stakes, both the Shampoo and Conditioner are a genuine pleasure to use and give the hair a more dense, thicker appearance.

Find the Thickening Shampoo here and the Conditioner here.

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