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14 Jul Reference of Sweden Moisture Shampoo – The #Best Shampoo I’ve Tried To-Date

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Shampoos can be much of a much-ness. It’s always difficult to assess how well they’re woking and we often take it for granted that if we using it, our hair is clean.

Before trying Reference of Sweden Moisture Shampoo, I did just that; used whatever was in the shower at the time and completely believed that my hair was clean. It probably was clean, but I wanted to try a shampoo that delivered a little bit more than cleansing.

I have medium-thickness hair and find it much easier to style when it’s soft so I wanted to try a shampoo that would soften and condition my hair as it was cleansed. I don’t use a conditioner as that makes my hair too soft and thus achieving my style quite tricky. When I discovered Moisture Shampoo the appeal was right there in the name – Moisture.

All of Ref’s shampoos & conditioners are sulphate-free so they can be used by those who use professional long-term treatments without concern. That said, I don’t use such treatments but thought it was worth mentioning for those of you that do.

The scent, albeit not essential for a shampoo to have a pleasant smell, is absolutely stunning, so top marks for that. The shampoo carries a slightly powdery texture which makes it really nice to work with and easy to apply.

The lather isn’t abundantly rich which I really like as if a shampoo turns into bath foam when you apply it’s probably drying your hair and scalp out. I always leave the product on for 60 seconds before rinsing just allow the ingredients enough time to work then rinse. When you rinse this out you can feel the creamy texture running through your fingers, it’s absolutely sensational.

Post-use, I towel dry my hair and then if I’m heading out I’ll also run the hair dryer over it. The hair is left silky soft and in incredible condition. It’s really easy to style and carries a beautiful healthy shine.

Reference of Sweden Moisture Shampoo is the best shampoo I’ve used to date.

10/10 for value for money, performance and finish.

£9.95 / 300ml

Reference of Sweden


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