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Carsons Apothecary

07 Aug Review: Carsons Apothecary 5* Shaving Formula Mr Carsons’ Tea

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Carsons Apothecary is a brand new UK-based shaving collection developed by a small team of barbers and a chemist. The collection is based upon the formulas used in Mr Carsons’ family barber shop, in the Middle East, for over 60 years. Shave Creams, Shave Oils and beard Conditioners all feature in the collection, all of which come in 6 different scents. I’ve been using Mr Carsons’ Tea 5* Shaving Formula for a couple of weeks now and have been left totally speechless by the results.

Those of you that have read my shaving posts in the past will know that I try not to shave daily as my neck struggles to handle it, well not anymore. Since I’ve been using Carsons Apothecary Shave Cream my neck is more than happy to meet-up with my razor daily. The 5* Shaving Formula has a milky consistency, almost like thick melted ice cream so you need to be careful when opening the jar (the jar, by the way, is absolutely stunning and the lid doubles-up as a shave bowl which is really convenient).

Carsons Apothecary Shave Formula

To use the cream, you simply wet your shave brush, shake-off the excess water then dip the tip of the brush directly into the creamy formula. If you don’t use a shave brush you can do the same thing with your fingers. Work the cream into a lather using the palms of your hands or your shaving brush & the lid from the jar. The lather is uber rich and wonderfully creamy. It glides onto the skin and coats the face and growth with a glycerin protective layer to ensure that the razor doesn’t irritate the skin.

During my shave I tend to pass my razor across certain areas numerous times, this can sometimes results in post-shave irritation and nicks. Carson 5* Shaving Formula ism more than capable of preventing this. It gives the best second-pass shave I have ever had, without the need to re-apply any more product.

The scent is simply outstanding – a blend of Bergamot, Aloe Vera and Cucumber which is both refreshing and modern.

In brief, Carsons Apothecary 5* Shaving Formula is the best shave cream I have ever used, and if you regularly read male grooming blogs then you’ll see that lots of my peers are saying the same thing.

The jar lasts forever making it great value for money. £21.95 / 200ml



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