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Korres Maple Anti Ageing Cream

02 Aug Review: Korres Maple Anti Ageing Cream for Men

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Korres is one of the oldest European skincare collections around, and around they certainly are! You’ll find them just about everywhere these days from supermarkets to department stores and lifestyle boutiques – it’s literally everywhere.

I’m taking a really conservative view on brands that try to be ‘all things to all people’ and wondering how they can master the art of successfully creating a collection that encompasses every area of the body; hair, face, skincare, body, feet, sun care, make-up lips… the list is endless, well the Korres list is anyway. They have something for every part of the body, and with the shift in popularity swaying towards brands which specialise in one particular product or area of concern, I believe that the younger generation of purchasers¬†will start to question the integrity of these legacy collections.

Moving on. I’ve tried quite a lot of the Korres products over the years, some are good, some not so good, but how can they be good at everything? Well the answer to that question is they can’t, and their men’s collection highlights just that.

Maple Anti Ageing Cream for Men has been my latest (and not so greatest) experience with Korres. This cream is incredibly thick and this kind of consistency clogs the pores and plays havoc with anything other than dry skin. If you have the slightest shadow of beard showing then you’re in for a nightmare when you try to massage this into the growth; it gets stuck in the hair and takes forever to sink into the skin, leaving a whitened finish similar to that of sun cream.

Korres describe the cream as ‘lightweight’ and ‘non-greasy’ – how, I do not know!!!

One of the redeeming features of Korres’ Maple Moisturiser is the natural formulation. The ingredients are almost all naturally derived and it’s free from the usual suspects. That said, there’s lots of collections out there with natural formulas for men that work much better.

The finish on the skin of this ultra-thick face cream is a shiny complexion with dilated pores and really not very pleasant. If you’re looking to give this a go my advice would be to try it in a store first before committing to buying it as I think you’ll be disappointed. it’s the most expensive product, granted, but any product not worth its salt is too expensive in my opinion.

I’d be hard-pushed to give this moisturiser 3 / 10.

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