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Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo

24 Jun Review: Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo

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I’ve used quite a few of the products from the Sachajuan collection. First off, it has to be said that the pared-back packaging is second to none; It’s simple, not stuffy and tells you exactly what you can expect inside of the bottle.

Scalp Shampoo is one of the hero products from this award-winning Swedish hair care collection, it’s leading the way in their best sellers category at the moment (June 2015). The USP’s Scalp Shampoo are:

  1. Scalp nourishing
  2. Removes dandruff
  3. Tackles itchy scalp
  4. Perfect for everyday use

Washing your hair everyday can play havoc with the natural state of your scalp, however most guys, including myself, do wash their hair daily. The reason Scalp Shampoo is so good for daily use is that it contains really gentle ingredients that not only remove build-up and grime, they also leave the head moisturised and invigorated. (The invigoration comes menthol.) So basically, the shampoo leaves behind more than it takes away.

Salicylic acid has also been incorporated into the shampoo offering a grain-free exfoliant property to the formula that ‘lifts’ the dead skin cells and dandruff from the surface of the head. Now, if I’m completely honest, I don’t really get dandruff, so on the point I can’t really give an honest appraisal. I do however get ingrown hairs on my head, mainly because of the consistency of the styling products I use, so I appreciate a shampoo that has the ability to completely remove build-up (the residue that styling products leave on the scalp) without completely stripping the skin of all of its natural oils. Scalp Shampoo does just that and after continuous use I have noticed that my ingrown hairs are becoming less and less a regular occurrence, so top marks on that front!

The Scent

It carries a ginger-y / menthol-y smell that’s rather pleasant and soothing. It doesn’t linger for very long but I assume on longer hair it would.

Key Ingredients & Functions

  • Lactic Acid – relaxes the hair and makes it more manageable
  • Salicylic Acid – gently exfoliates the scalp
  • Wheat Proteins – help to strengthen the hair
  • Betaine – an amino acid that acts a humactant (water attracting) and anti-irritant
  • Menthol – cools and soothes the scalp

Who Should Use It?

  • Those who wash their hair every day
  • Anybody who uses clay-based pomades or thick waxes that can be stubborn to wash-out
  • Both men & women (I don’t know why we still feel the need to say this as any product can be used by anybody)
  • Ingrown hair suffers
  • Dandruff & itchy scalp suffers




Sachajuan Scalp Shampoo is £18 / 250ml, available worldwide.




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