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Anthony Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipes

02 Sep Reviewed! Anthony Logistics Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipes

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Face wipes seem to be making a massive come back during 2015. When they first emerged they gained a reputation for being a lazy man’s way of washing his face or a lazy lady’s way of removing her make-up. Time has moved on a there’a whole new wave of them being released.

What’s different about them when we compare them to their predecessors?

As skin care is gaining popularity amongst men and becoming much more wide-stream, the formulas are becoming much more advanced and technically orientated and the latest wave of face wipes to be released into the market are following suit. Anthony Logistics have developed their face wipes to not only remove dirt and excess shine from the complexion, but they also exfoliate dead skin from the face and lift blackheads from the pores. If you’ve used their Glycolic Facial Cleanser then you’ll be all too aware of the great benefits of using a cleaning product contains Glycolic Acid. This fruit acid not only buffs the skin, it also helps the skin to draw moisture into the lower layers.

The Texture

Anthony Logistics are most definitely one of the leaders in the male skincare domain and they’re also leading the way in face wipes. The texture of the wipes is different on both sides. One side is slightly more rough than the other and this is the side that should be used first. It has raised bumps the size of sugar granules that follow the contours of the face as you wipe the cloth over the skin. They dip into the pores and unplug blackheads from the cheeks and the nose. The second, more smoother, side should be used to wipe any excess dirt and product away afterwards. The wipes are soft and strong enough not to tear during use – a must for men’s face wipes!

The Performance

I’m a big Anthony fan to begin with but when I try new releases from the range I always try to remain neutral. Most of the products from the collection are outstanding but they have released a few along the way which did’t quite cut the cloth, namely their dietary supplements. However, neutral I remain and assess the new Glycolic Exfoliating & Resurfacing Wipes for exactly what they are.

Given the aforementioned reputation most face wipes carry I was somewhat sceptical about using these. But the distinct difference between Anthony’s wipes and others is that they are designed to be used in conjunction with your cleanser. That said, you can use them in replacement of your face wash but they do work much better used after washing your face.

My skin is slightly shiny around the t-zone and I tend to get a few clogged pores on my cheeks and nose. The wipes most definitely helped to keep my shine at bay and my pores do appear much more clear. I particularly like the choice of exfoliant – Glycolic Acid – as it not only lifts dead skin but it also hydrates and moisturises the skin. If you have oily or combination skin then this is essential as stripping away sebum with harsh chemicals just makes the situation worse. For this reason, I recommend Glycolic Resurfacing Wipes particularly for oily & combination skin types however they do a great job on normal (trouble-free, low maintenance) skin.

How To Use

After cleansing, wipes the rough side of the wipes across the face until it is dry. Leave for 60 seconds then wipes the smooth side over the face. Follow with your serum or moisturiser.

Essential Tips

  • Don’t use them everyday, they are fairly strong and your skin won’t forgive you for it!
  • Put them in your gym bag, they’re great used on warm skin that has exposed pores.
  • If you have acne on your back (bacne) use them on that too.

Score out of 10

A well deserved 9.


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