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06 Oct Right Guard Care For Your Underarms, Who Do You Care For ?

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Wind back the years when the lady’s stayed at home nurturing the family and running the household. Men worked long days and socialised mainly with men. The mentality of such interaction may be responsible for the approach men had to the family responsibilities, but times have changed. Women are, and have been for a long time, out of the home, in work and proving they’re more than capable of taking on any chap, and his talents.

The modern man is now more caring and, thankfully, more supportive in the home and a much more active part of the running of the family and the house.

Right Guard, one of the world’s leading anti perspirant and deodorant manufacturers have commissioned a study to find out exactly what our male peers are doing to show that they care. The top 5 answers came in and; 33% of us text our partners good morning/good night, 29% of us actively help with with housework (so we should), 28% compliment their partners appearance, 26% remember how their partner takes their tea/coffee and 27% cook without being asked.

As you can see we still have a way to go and we’re definitely still work-in-progress, but times are changing and it’s time you unleashed your caring side and started to show your partner exactly how important she really is. Try breakfast in bed, the occasional bouquet of flowers or booking her a spa treatment whilst you over the ‘family reins’ for the day, it’s the little things that really make all the difference.

Right Guard went right out of their way to find out how we care for our better halves, so I wanted to find out how they’re caring for our underarms. Introducing Right Guard Total Defence 5 Power & Care. A 48 hour protection from ghastly underarms and complete protection from body odour rearing its ugly head. With built in freshness, anti-irritation technology and anti-itching ingredients I’m rather looking forward to seeing what this does for me.

I decided to take this bad boy for a test drive and see if I could apply it first thing on a Saturday morning and let it take me right through the weekend without having to re-apply. (Note to the other half: I really do care but I couldn’t take the risk of becoming the office stench so it had to be the weekend, sorry!).

Saturday morning arrives, I’m up out of bed, showered and on goes Total Defence 5 Power & Care. Admittedly I didn’t do anything over-zealous, but like most guys general day-to-day activities do show under my arms, if you know what I mean.

Saturday PM arrives and my armpits are smelling fine, no sign of body odour. I’m fairly impressed as it’s damn hard to find a decent deodorant these days. Sunday morning, wakes-up, stretches arms, turns nose to armpits and still no scent – I’m really happy now. I go about my usual Sunday activities with the family, being the caring head of the family that I am, and by the end of the day I do start to detect the need for me to take a trip to the shower. No excessive sweat-induced aromas are causing problems but I just know that I need a wash, that said, we’re almost 30 hours post-application so it’s still not bad going.

Right Guard Total Defence 5 gets a glowing 5 out 5 from me, although the 48 hour protection claim didn’t work for me, it still gave me really protection for best part of that.

For further information and to stay up-to-date on all things Right Guard head over to www.facebook.com/UKRightGuard

Available nationwide, RRP £2.89.

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