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27 Jan Swarovski Turns Crystal Eye to Sartorial Men

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For far too long now, the stroll through the shopping centre has been tainted by the arctic-style aesthetics of Swarovski. The crystal panels and elegant interior sparkles in the corner of your eye, as the shimmer even uses the floor to which you fix your sight of ignorance.

Although we moan about the choice that women get in terms of fashion, such quality should never be gender specific.

These feelings are soon to be absent, as Swarovski are about to launch their first ever men’s range to be released for Spring/Summer 2011. As the world’s leading brand of Crystal offerings, the realisation of the desire from the male half for high quality accessories has been long overdue, but as we were planning a sigh of relief, the sight of the items took our breath away, which left our initial plan of action hard to accomplish.

As we mentioned above, we have have been fully ware of Swarovski for a long time now, and even though the company has always empowered female sophistication and embodiment, the brand has always commanded a strange air of respect, and indeed jealousy, from the modern man.

The new collection takes shape through six ranges, catering for all events and moods, from business efficiency to weekend wildness. “Unlike our women’s jewellery collections which are characterized by bright colours and bold crystals, we have focussed here on a cleaner, purer interpretation of brilliance. Secretive, mysterious and metallic, the men’s collection celebrates the timeless elegance and beauty of black tones”, interprets Nathalie Colin, the creative director behind the transition.

The new collection will be available across 1900 sales points around the world by the end of January, so make sure you visit Swarovski, an area where your own debit card formerly had no business.

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