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Urth Face Scrub

21 Feb Review: Urth Skin Solutions for Men Face Scrub

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Urth Face Scrub

A dependable face scrub is a fundamental element of any half decent grooming regime. Lifting dead & dull skin from the face, releasing ingrown hairs and helping to clear blackheads are just some of the benefits.

Personally, I like to use a scrub that’s not too harsh but still has clout. Something that does the job without irritating my skin. I have fairly sensitive skin so using something over-zealous just isn’t an option.

I discovered Urth Skin Solutions for Men Face Scrub and was immediately drawn by the packaging and the ingredients. The former defies convention in as much as being contained in a tub and not a tube. I was slightly intrigued by how this would work in action. The ingredients are based heavily around the benefits of essential oils and naturally derived materials. The scrub element comes from grains of rice and Walnut Shell. Green Tea has been incorporated to offer a quick detox, Lavender calms & soothes whilst Eucalyptus and Rosemary refresh and invigorate.

So how did Urth Skin Solutions for Men Face Scrub perform?

The texture of this scrub is like no other. It’s like a thick paste that, when mixed with water, smoothes into a pliable scrub that doesn’t foam and spreads really well. The smell is quite simply outstanding. The wonderful aroma of essentials oils is most pleasant and leaves the skin feeling completely refreshed and cool.

Blackheads and blocked pores are significantly reduced as this gentle scrub dis-lodges stubborn grime and congestion with ease. After-use, my skin felt silky soft and amazingly well nourished.

At present, Urth Skin Solutions for Men Face Scrub is my most recommended men’s face scrub.

Stockist: TheGroomingClinic.com

Price: £34.00/118ml

  • Judy
    Posted at 02:51h, 02 March

    Personally I like mixing the scrub with a small dab of Urth’s Face Wash. It combined perfectly and thins it better than water. With both products, a little goes a long way

  • Daniel Valewink
    Posted at 22:11h, 08 July

    I love this scub and now unfortunately for me so does my housemate! It’s really fine, doesn’t feel harsh at all and when I come out of the shower I really feel like I have done something good for my skin. I only apply once a week and the tub lasts for ages. My housemate is getting his a tub for his birthday, it will make a great gift too!