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verso foaming cleanser

08 Oct Verso Foaming Cleanser Review

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Foaming cleansers aren’t my kinda thing per se, but recently Verso changed that. I always associated foaming cleansers with leaving the skin dry and tight post-use but I think this was due to the detergents and foaming agents used in the older formulas.

I first came across Verso on instagram and its Swedish swag instantly grabbed my attention. Not judging a book by its cover, but if something has visual appeal then it’s much more likely to land in my shopping cart. So land in my shopping cart it did, and off I was test driving the best-looking foaming cleanser I’d come across to date.

Unlike the rest of the Verso products in the range, Foaming Cleanser does;t contain Verso’s patented Retinol 8 Complex (this is an really effective anti-ageing complex formed of 8 variations of Retinol but we’ll talk about that another time).

I was pleasantly surprised by the consistency of it, it’s light, almost pearlescent, and very creamy. There is a fragrance in it but it’s incredibly mild and very pleasant, this was a welcomed feature as I dis-like overly perfumed products that are destined for the face.

How I used Verso’s Foaming Cleanser?

My cleanser always gets applied onto dry skin with wet hands. The reason for this is because I switch the shower on, wait for the water to get to my desired temperature and whilst I’m waiting, I apply my cleanser/face wash. The reason my hands are wet it because I’m checking the temperature of the running water. The water on my hands is just enough to get the cleanser pliable and in this case foamed-up. This foam isn’t like washing detergent foam, it’s much less in volume and has a creamy texture to it. I massage it onto my face and neck, leave it for a minute or two then rinse with warm water.

What the skin feels like post-use?

My face feels soft after-use and perfectly clean, just what you want – and need – from a cleanser. There’s no tight-ness or dry-ness and my skin felt really supple, probably due to the creamy consistency.

Who’s it best for?

Most skin types will accept this perfectly well, but those with dry skin will reap the hydrating and non-drying benefits it brings. Another brilliant quality is the Papaya fruit extract. We’re starting to see this used a lot in skincare products now, mainly for its gentle exfoliating property. If you have sensitive skin and struggle with exfoliation Papaya extract will definitely help, it will help to stop the reddening of the skin as it has a much more gentle approach to lifting the dead skin from the face.

The Verdict!

If hadn’t already guessed  from reading the above – I loved using Verso Foaming Cleanser. It’s perfect for all skin types, has a gentle yet super-effect cleansing mechanism and leaves the skin perfectly primed for your skincare regime. Would I recommend it? Hell, yes!

But it here, £32/90ml >


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